Farm Flashlight Cow - Ecotronics, kid-powered flashlights

Kid sized flashlights by Ecotronics - no batteries required. Squeeze the side of the cow and the flashlight lights up! Collect all 4 Farm Flashlights - the dog, pig, cow and duck.
Farm flashlight - Cow by Ecotronics (International Playthings) is an adorable little flashlight, powered by kids.

An eco-friendly, squeeze powered, kid sized flashlights.

The cow flashlight lights up when switched on and when it has run out of power then kids simply need to start squeezing to re-energize.  No more batteries on the landfill and no more tears when the flashlight's batteries are dead! The perfect toy for camping, hiking and on nightly excursions to watch fireflies!

This children flashlight has a side lever that stores inside the body and that are released with the push of a button.  The flashlight itself also has a on/off switch. 

It takes a bit of coordination and muscle strength in your hands to squeeze the side-lever (thinking of it - it can be a great for stress relief and a great toy for strengthening hand muscles)

Ecotronics cow Flashlight is perfect for children ages 5 years & up.

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