Blocks & Ball Tracks

Haba Blocks and Marble runsHaba Blocks are the most popular blocks for babies, toddlers and children.  Most of the Haba Building Blocks are made in Germany and the coloured blocks feature water-based surface finishes that are non-toxic and protecting the surface and colour of the blocks. Haba blocks will last for generations to come!

Building Blocks and Architectural Blocks are of the oldest toys known to mankind. Adult's and Children’s fascination with building toys is just as intense as it was hundreds of years ago. Playing with building blocks helps with the development of many different skills such as discerning between different colors and shapes, mathematical skills concerning the size, relationships and the amount of blocks, spatial development and the development of small motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Be sure to buy your child building blocks of different shapes and sizes. Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to
introduce the subjects of color and shapes while playing - these blocks will provide kids with lots of different options during imaginative play, teaching them about the dynamics of different shapes and assist in their spatial development. The smooth finishes, non-toxic colors and large sizes makes baby blocks perfect for younger builders, and the irregular shapes present older builders with challenges and opportunities to explore and grow. The very youngest users will find these to be wonderful, safe tactile objects.

Ape 2 Zebra also has a big selection of natural wooden blocks and Architectural Blocks, perfect for older kids and adults!  Our Haba Ball Tracks and Quercetti Marble Runs are very popular gifts for kids and is perfect for everyone in the family to participate in creative play.