Toddler Puzzles

First Puzzles perfect for Toddlers!  

Ape 2 Zebra specializes in First Puzzles for toddlers and always make sure that we are stocked with Orchard Toys' wonderful selection of Boxed Puzzles for Toddlers and small children.  There are 2- and 3- piece box sets available and sets with more pieces once your little one gets the hang of it.  Orchard Toys puzzles features simple images that are familiar for little ones and the durable, wipe-clean surfaces ensure that the puzzle survive a few generations!  

When choosing a puzzle for your toddler you want to start off with something really simple like a 2 piece or 3 piece puzzle.  Find something with not too much detail, bright images and something your toddler is familiar with.  This will help them figure out the objective of the new "game" as well as help build their confidence in puzzle building.  

Find puzzles with big pieces that are easy to manipulate, this will help develop your toddler's hand-eye coordination, motor skills, visual development as well as shape recognition.  If you can find puzzles with a durable easy to clean surface - even better!