Bamboo Kid's Fork and Spoon


A natural, safe toddler Fork and Spoon set for your toddler and child.
Made from Bamboo, the set of 2 Bambu Kids Spoon and Fork set is the perfect utensil for your growing toddler and small child. Bamboo is not only a safe alternative to plastic utensils, it is also a environmentally smarter one!
Bamboo Toddler Fork and Spoon is made from sustainably grown and harvested, organically grown bamboo certified organic by IMO Switzerland
No - this is not the bamboo eaten by the Panda's and therefore their food source is not depleted in making Bamboo cutlery, dishes and utensils.

Absolutely no bleaches or dyes were used in the manufacturing of these safe, natural baby utensils by Bambu.
Bambu's Bamboo utensils and dinnerware is FDA tested and approved - safe for food tableware and utensils

How to Care for your Bambu kids utensils:

Bamboo utensils, plates and bowls, cleanse easily with hot soapy water Do not use your Bambu ware in the microwave Do not let your Bamboo tableware soak in water for long periods of time Top rack dishwasher safe This natural, bamboo made, children spoon and fork set measures 5.5 inches long
Bamboo set of Toddler Spoon and Fork is responsibly made in China and is a wonderful gift for babies, toddlers and children feeding themselves (18 months and up).
Why is Bamboo such an environmentally smart choice for safe, non-plastic baby and children mealtime essentials?
As we know by now, wood is naturally anti-bacterial which makes it wonderful for baby and children toys and utensils that are destined for the mouth.

As a manufacturing material, bamboo is an environmentally friendly , and surprisingly versatile, yet infrequently used option. As one of the Earth's fastest growing plants, bamboo is highly renewable Bamboo stands release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than equivalent timber forests Bamboo require no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers to grow Bamboo is also highly durable and strong --it's even harder than red oak and maple wood! Bambu dinnerware and baby & children bowls, forks and spoons are made from pesticide-free, organically grown bamboo with water-based, formaldehyde-free adhesives. Bambu has received the Co-Op America Seal of approval for its commitment towards Fair Trade business practices, helping to sustain both communities and the environment.