Pretend Play & Tents

Pretend Play puts the world in perspective!

The Ape 2 Zebra animals spend hours preparing, posing, pretending and playing with our pretty prolific play food, play kitchens and other pretend play toys.  

Pretend Play Toys allow children to make sense of the word around them by acting out scenarios that encourage and support the development of social skills, emotional intelligence and creative free play!

Ape 2 Zebra Toys has a big selection of wooden Pretend Play Food as well as Play Kitchens and Store Pretend Play toys.

Our wooden play food is durable, saliva resistant and finished with water based dyes if coloured.  Our Haba Pretend Play food and cakes are mouthwatering adorable and are so realistic that they even came with a warning to remind kids that it is a toy and is not for eating.