You made it through the first month!

At month two babies begin to discover and play with their hands, at first solely by touch, and then, at about three months, by sight as well. Deliberate grasp remains largely undeveloped. Babies loves playing with paper - crumbling, tearing etc. This is great exercise for developing the fine motor skills for little hands

Developing muscle strength is very important for your baby this is the time to start.

Tummy Time:
Your baby should be able to lift his/her head at an angle of 45 degrees for a second or two . 
By the end of 8 weeks your baby should be able to hold his/her upright for a few seconds when held upright.
Your little one may at first protest when put on their tummy but get down on the floor with them and make sure to encourage and soothe.  Baby Play Gyms and hanging toys are great to encourage your baby to move and develop muscle strength.

Your baby should be uncurled from the fetal position and his/her legs should be able to take his/her body weight for a second.

Your newborn will start vocalising and smiling at mommy. (Vocalise is a vocal exercise without words, which is sung on one or more vowel sounds.)

Hand-eye coordination begins to develop between the ages of two and four months, launching a period of trial-and-error practice at sighting objects and grabbing at them.

Your baby may start to support himself a little on his hands, wrists and arms when doing tummy time

Loves moving his/her arms and legs about - kicking and waving

Your baby is still sitting with a curved back