Haba Taxi Wildlife

  • Haba Taxi Wildlife
  • Haba Taxi Wildlife

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Haba Taxi Wildlife is a wild competitive board game for kids 5 years and up!

What's going on in the jungle?

For several days now, the peace and quiet of the tropics has been broken repeatedly by loud honking, squeaky tires and screeching brakes! The reason - a jungle taxi competition!

The player who can pick up the most passengers by the end of the season will become the Tasmanian Taxi King! You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to win this title. As a jungle taxi driver, you have to try to collect several animals and use route cards to create the longest possible route for your taxi. But you have to engage in exciting duels with your fellow players in order to collect route cards. The player who collects the most route cards and animals at the end wins the game.

A packed animal collecting game for 2 - 4 players ages 5 - 99 years.


Taxi Wildlife is made in Germany and includes additional game variation for 2 players for even more fun!