Vulli Pie (Pink) BPA Free, Natural rubber, Chan Pie Gnon Baby teething toy

Chan Pie Gnon - now say it again, but faster this time - Chan Pie Gnon , does it start to sound like champignon ?
Champignon is the French word for mushrooms and this is where this family of cute, all natural, Vulli baby rubber teethers got their name from.

Let's introduce Pie , the delightful pink rubber baby teething toy, with the cute round ears and square pink feet. Vulli's Pie is perfect for babies to safely explore with all their senses and the ears and feet are great for teething babies to chew on when teething.

The Vulli family of mushroom shaped, baby natural teething toys consist of Chan, Pie & Gnon . These toys are absolutely adorable and make perfect baby teething toys and unique, safe gifts for a baby shower or newborn baby. Chan Pie Gnon by Vulli, are soft, light and made so that little baby hands can grasp them easily. Chan Pie and Gnon also make pleasing squeaking sounds when squeezed.
The adorable family of natural rubber, mushroom-shaped teethers consists of:
Chan: A blue natural rubber teething toy with the nub on his head Pie: A pink mushroom-shaped baby toy with round ears and square feet for baby's chewing pleasure Gnon: A yellow soft natural baby grasping toy with a funky ring on her head, perfect for baby hands to grasp and for soothing sore gums.

Chan Pie and Gnon are cousins to the popular Sophie the Giraffe and like Sophie, Chan, Pie and Gnon are also handmade in the French Alps with the finest natural rubber (that are phthalate free and BPA free) and food quality, baby safe paints.
Concerned about toy safety ? Are you looking for safe alternatives to the plastic baby teething toys ?
Vulli's Chan, Pie and Gnon baby teethers are some of the safest teethers on the market. These little guys contain no chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, phthalates, BPA (bisphenol-A) or nitrosamines. Fun, chemical free baby teethers made in France by Vulli.

At ape to Zebra you can purchase Chan, Pie or Gnon separately or buy the Chan, Pie and Gnon set of baby teethers and save!
Vulli Pie (Pink) BPA Free, Natural rubber, Chan Pie Gnon Baby teething toy
For ages older than 0 months,
and ages younger than 2 years.

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