Vilac Sacha the Cat Pink Wooden Pull toy

Vilac's Sasha the Cat Pink Wooden Pull toy is the perfect toy car for parents and care givers looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic toys. Sacha the Pink Cat can't wait for her next excursion around the house. This fun, modern pull toy is made by Vilac, from responsibly forested lacquered hardwood. The lacquer is completely non-toxic and child-friendly . This beautiful wooden pull toy cat measures 6 inches long

Looking for a high quality, European made wooden pull toy ?

Pink Sacha the Cat Pull toy is made in France and is a safe gift for babies and small children 1 years and up!

Clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately.
Deep in the Jura region of France, surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, Vilac has been producing high-quality wooden toys and gifts for the past 80 years. Vilac was founded by Narcisse Villet in 1911 as a wood turning workshop, which later came to specialize exclusively in the finely lacquered wooden toys for which Vilac is so well known .

Vilac toys are known for their classic look and feel , from their smoothly rounded, high gloss lacquered wooden vehicles, to their expansive, finely detailed puzzles. Vilac toys are timeless, with a bold durability that isn't subject to the fickle whims and ever changing fads of the day.
A Vilac toy is meant to last, to be a part of your child's toy box for years to come.

Vilac today divides their production between France and China, with all lacquered toy manufacturing still taking place in local Jura workshops in France .

All Vilac toys are subject to the highest levels of product scrutiny, according to regulations of the European Union, to ensure that your child's toys are as safe as they are entertaining.

For ages older than 1 years and younger than 5 years.