Say Hello to the Morning - Music CD

Kathy and producer Ken Whiteley have done it again, with the third collection of 43 tried and true songs, singing games, tickles and knee bounces for toddlers and pre-schoolers.
This collection of traditional and newer pieces captures the sense of fun that Kathy brings to her music classes every week. The many styles featured on this recording include old time, calypso, swing, klezmer, skiffle band, and gentle lullabies. I'll try to restrain myself, but it won't be easy. This is the best children's recording I've heard in ages. It takes children's music back to where it started - simple songs that little kids can sing with their parents.
Kathy Reid-Naiman is no newcomer. She's been toiling away in southern Ontario for years, performing in schools, daycares and folk festivals. I feel like a fool because I didn't know about her recordings until now. Say Hello to the Morning, her third, features a wonderful blend of finger plays, rhymes and tickles (some of which are simply spoken), along with singing games and songs both traditional and original (her own songs are excellent ). She has a lovely voice and is backed by an able stable of musicians including her husband and children.