Penguins on Ice Game

  • Penguins on Ice Game
  • Penguins on Ice Game
  • Penguins on Ice Game
  • Penguins on Ice Game
Penguins on Ice is a super cool game of logic with 5 ‘pentomino' playing pieces that must be shape-shifted. Needless to say, our own penguins have a hard time shipping parcels with this cool game around!
Penguins on Ice is a fun logical thinking puzzle game for old and young!

Don't block your mind with the freezing ice floe!
Five penguins are on a slippery slope!

The ice floes are creaking and gliding and the penguins are slipping and sliding in all directions.
Can you pack the ice so that every puzzle tile can fit on the game board?
Can you also make sure that all the penguins are in the right spot?

Smart Games did it again with this multiple award winning game.  Penguins on Ice is a super cool game of logic and presents players with a double challenge: you have to figure out the right position of every piece, and also its correct shape!

Penguins on Ice can be played by 1 or 2 players.  
The game includes 60 challenges that increase in difficulty.  Don't worry, when you get to challenge number 60 and really can't figure it out, the answers for all the challenges are included!For ages older than 6 years and younger than 99 years.
This product may contain small parts which makes it unsuitable for children under three years.