Music for babies Vol 1: From Playtime to Sleepy time - Music CD The Mozart Effect

Studies show that classical music has a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of children from the very youngest of ages. This volume aids memory development; enhances auditory and emotional awareness, stimulates rhythmic movement and induces relaxation and sleep.
Number 6 on Billboard's Top Classical Albums in 1999, this recording offers quality time for bonding with baby.
Music for Playtime: Bring out joy, stimulate, and actively engage your baby. Whether bouncing baby on your knees or playing pat-a-cake to music, you can help build skills for language development and physical coordination.
Transitions: Helps your baby's transition from active play to a more restful time; dance, gently rock, or quietly play with your baby.
This album is featuring some of Mozart's best-loved compositions including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations, Flute Quartet in C Major, Serenade No 9 in D Major, Symphony No 25 and music young Wolfgang may have heard when he was a baby: his father Leopold's composition of The Toy Symphony

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