Moulin Roty Balthazar & Valentine Wall Mounted Musical Box

A beautiful wooden musical box, perfect for baby's room and a great distraction when changing baby!
Moulin Roty Balthazar & Valentine Wall Mounted Musical Box

A beautiful, bright wooden music box.

Pull little bird down to hear the music.

This beautiful room decoration is in the shape of Balthazar's house

Take me to the hills where my friend Valentine lives says Balthazar to the bird. "She lives in a cosy little house set in an enchanted, multi-coloured world... a little piece of paradise where little mice live. The weather is warm, the sky is always blue and the wind whispers sweet stories to me and you..." And in this endearing, gentle garden world Balthazar and Valentine play and explore with the help of the bird, they will be best friends always.

Decorated with the gentle themes of the garden of Balthazar and Valentine, pull the little bird on the cord to fill the nursery with gentle lullabies to help baby sleep.

Moulin Roty has been producing iconic French toys for over thirty five years, and continues to go from strength to strength in terms of popularity, quality and imagination. Although vintage and delicate in style each toy is highly crafted and produced to a high specification to withstand rougher play. The attention to detail on each toy is second to none, the looks of surprise, joy or mischief on each face could almost make you believe that toys do live and the ethereal, fantastical world of Moulin Roty does come to life when your back is turned. One thing we do know for sure is that Moulin Roty has delighted children and adults for years and will continue to do so, with its magical characters, clever and witty design and wry sense of humour these toys are timeless.

Measurement:  16 x 27 centimetersFor ages older than 0 months, and ages younger than 3 years.