How Big is a Pig Paperback book for young children

Beaton whips up bold, bright tableaux out of meticulously sewn felt.... A smiling pink piggy coaxes the audiences through a rhyming series about different kinds of opposites. — Publishers Weekly
A smiling piggy coaxes the audience through a rhyming series of opposites - Publishers Weekly

Enjoy this fun book with your baby, toddler and child - looking at the fun pictures and identifying objects and animals. Once your child start to recognise letters and words this will make a great first reading book !
How big is a pig? To find out, follow in the footsteps of a cheerful piglet as he takes you on a trail around the farmyard. You will meet beasts, birds, and insects of all shapes and sizes, until at last you come to a big surprise in the pigsty. With a clever, repetitive text, How Big Is a Pig? offers a gentle and humorous way of introducing pre-school children to all kinds of opposites.
For ages older than 0 months,
and ages younger than 7 years.

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