HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea Children's Game


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HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea is now in award winning game format!
The timeless fairy tale about a Queen doing a test to see if a disheveled girl is really a princess can now be enjoyed again and again with the absolutely adorable Sleepy Princess and the Pea game by HABA .
The Queen's helpers pile up cushions, blankets and mattresses for the bed test. At the bottom of it all, of course, lies a pea! A wobbly pilling game with two variations of skill, for 1 - 4 children. The game also includes the fairytale to read over and over again.

HABA Bring along games are fun games to take along to a friends house, sleep-over, vacation or just for spending quality family time together.
This fun kids game by HABA develops fine motor skills, social skills and enforce the ability to recognize and name symbols. The fairy tale...
Once upon a time, a girl knocked on a castle door. She was disheveled from walking in a storm but insisted that she was a princess. A suspicious queen had her bed prepared. She placed a small pea underneath several layers of blankets and pillows. A real princess, the queen rationalized, would be able to tell something hidden beneath. During breakfast the next morning, princess remarked that she did not sleep well because there was something very hard in her bed. With that comment, the queen knew the guest was a real princess and allowed her son, the prince, to ask for her hand in marriage. And now, the game...
Preparation: Assemble the bed. Place the game board face up and put the princess on any of the squares. Mix up all the bed sets and place near the game board for easy access.
How to play - beginners, version ...
The youngest player starts by rolling the die. The princess is moved clockwise according to the number of dots shown on the dice. If she lands on a bed, the player picks up a piece of bedding and puts it on the bed. If a player lands on the washing machine, a piece of bedding is removed.
How to win - beginners' version ...
If the tower falls over before all the bed sets have been piled up, everyone loses. If the players succeed in stacking all the pieces into one pile without the tower falling over, everyone wins and princess invites everyone to her castle for a big party.

Sleepy Princess and the Pea comes with instructions for an advanced version of the game.
For ages older than 3 years,
and ages younger than 8 years.
This product may contain small parts which makes it unsuitable for children under three years.
Not suitable for children under three years of age.

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