HABA Dancing Eggs

  • HABA Dancing Eggs
  • HABA Dancing Eggs
  • HABA Dancing Eggs
  • HABA Dancing Eggs

Haba's Dancing Eggs  is a boisterous bouncing action game for children and secretly enjoyed by adults alike!

The game consists of 1 wooden egg and 9 rubber eggs packaged in a real egg box. The winner of the game is the player that scored the most points (eggs count for points).

The game is played with the eggs and 2 dice. 1 dice tells you what to do - take an egg from the box, steal it from someone else, bounce it on the table and let all the other players try to catch it or run around the table. The catch is the second dice that comes into play when you steal or catch an egg - the second dice tells you where to put the egg, between your knees, under your chin etc.

Be careful - if you drop the egg it is Game Over!

An eggcellent game to play at parties or on a rainy day.

Dancing Eggs game by Haba is a fun children game played by 2 to 4 players 5 years and older.

Need something to play at the birthday party or family picnic? You just found it. Even the spectators have fun with this one.

Dancing Eggs is designed and made in Germany by Haba.

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