Haba Biofino Toast - Soft Pretend Play Food, Magnetic Toast (Bread)


Served fresh from the Biofino Bakery. HABA Biofino Toast (or bread if you'd like) includes 6 slices of magnetic toast (that sounds appetizing!). Combine Haba Biofino pretend play toast with Biofino cheese and lunch meat and your child can whip up a healthy lunch for family and friends in no time!

Each slice of Haba Biofino Bread measures 3.25 x 3 x 0.75 inches and it is made from soft fabric felt and/or velour. Haba Biofino soft, pretend play food looks so real that the packaging actually warns children that this is just for pretend play.

A must have toy for every house (pretend play or real)

Not suitable for children under three years of age.

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