Grimm's Fairy Number 9 Musketeer Birthday Ring Decoration

Fairy Number 9 Hunter Birthday Ring Decoration Stacker by Grimm's Spiel und Holz Wooden Toys is perfect for celebrating the next important birthday. This beautifully detail painted musketeer figurine number 9 is a part of Grimms hand-coloured Fairy Tale Numbers Series of Decorative Figures.

Grimm's Decorative Fairy Figures are detailed handpainted. The figures do not present a special figure of a fairy tale, they fit to more than one fairy tale. Wonderful for decoration as the birthday year number on our Birthday Rings, the Birthday and Advent Spiral and Lifelights. On a birthday table, a window-sill and on nature table for the month it creates a special atmosphere on each of the occasions.

Materials: handpainted maple wood, non-toxic water based colour stain and measures approx. 3.5 inches tall..

The Number 9 Musketeer Decorative Numbers fit in all Grimm's Birthday Rings, and Lifelights.