Grimm's Dwarf and May Beetle Birthday Ring Decoration Stacker


A whimsical dwarf figurine playing with a May beetle makes a fun and adorable birthday ring decoration, perfect for celebrating a birthday or to use in any of the rings, spirals or life lights as a table decoration.

Grimm's Dwarf and May Beetle features beautifully hand painted detail and this figurine is part of Grimms Detailed Painted Spring Series of Decorative Figures.

Grimms Decorative Figures are wonderful for decoration on our Birthday Rings, the Birthday and Advent Spiral and Lifelights. On a birthday table, a window-sill and on the nature table it creates a special atmosphere on each of the occasions.

Materials: hand painted maple wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain measuring approximately 3.25 inches high.

The Decorative Figures fit in all our Birthday Rings, and Lifelights.