Goodnight - Music and Story CD

Acclaimed bedtime recording with six vignettes that evoke feelings of safety and love. A minute of soothing music follows each vignette. children feel peace as they journey into dreams. -Parent
Unlike most of even the best guided visualization bedtime tapes, this treasure of a recording doesn't'+ char(39) +'t last so long that it becomes a big deal to fit it into your bedtime routine. This tape is the perfect answer for the family who ekes every minute out of the evening and just needs something short and sweet to relax that tired little cowboy/girl.
Jim'+ char(39) +'s voice is perfect for this sort of thing: guiding someone to a relaxing place by means of visualizations that won'+ char(39) +'t over stimulate. Each of the 6 short stories draws the listener in and evokes images that conjure up the feelings of being safe, being loved and having a memorable time.
In each case, the visualization progresses to the listener imagining him/herself asleep in the setting where the story took place (a farm, a tree house in the forest, a tropical island, etc.). A minute of soothing music follows, then we are given a substantial pause before the next story in order to turn the tape player off before a new visualization begins.
Your child will get lots of mileage out of this recording, due to its 6 different vignettes. Go ahead and crawl in bed with her or him, listen to one together, and be the one to turn off the CD player as you tiptoe out of the room.