Ebulobo Wolf Soft Toy - Doudou Louloup

A Crazy Cuddly Wolf soft toy, the perfect entertainment for babies and small children.
Ebulobo's Wolf Doudou has crinkle paper in his tail, a squeaker in his nose and a long blue tongue (because he was naughty).  This crazy cuddly wolf makes a happy jingling sound when baby shakes it.

With colorful legs and a soft un-stuffed body, there are plenty of places for little ones to grab on to end explore.

Ebolubo Doudou Louloup measures 10.7 inches long.

Ebulobo's t'es fou louloup (Crazy cuddly wolf) Toy Collection is a collection of toys which tells the story of a crazy cuddly wolf and his friends.  This crazy wolf is so greedy that he has an all blue tongue!  He eats everything.

Ebulobo Toys are lovingly designed in France by Anne Lelong & Ferdinand Lecomte. 

Ebulobo believes that making toys, especially for young children, is not a game.

Ebulobo's Crazy Cuddly Wolf collections (T’es Fou Louloup in French) and Woodbear collection (WOODOURS in French), were developed with the highest standards of quality and in strict compliance with European standards.

All Ebulobo's toys and baby products are tested by external laboratories, and meet European standards such as EN 71 Part 1-2-3. Phthalates-Cadmium-Azo-Cem.

All fabrics and dyes used in Ebulobo's toys are guaranteed not to contain any azo elements or heavy metals and are therefore, completely safe and non-toxic

Perfect soft toys for babies and children to hug and adore!

Papa ours et Tizours partent à la pêche, se promènent dans les bois, se racontent des histoires et vivent des moments inoubliable.

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