Daydreams and Lullabies - CD with music and poems

While visiting a Grade 3-4 classroom, Susan Hammond (creator Classical Kids) suggested the students write poetry to Vivaldi's Piccolo Concerto. To help them find their images, Susan explained how the high piccolo and low string bass created a sense of spaciousness. Her only words to them: Try to capture that feeling of being caught between earth and sky.
What happened next seemed indeed a small miracle. The children refused to go out to lunch and, one by one, stood and read their vivid words over the music. All of them -students & teacher fell silent. Each poem poured naturally into the next like the phrases in the music. Each breath-taking image belonged utterly and heightened the experience of the Piccolo Concerto beyond anything they could have dreamed. These ordinary children were reading their own extraordinary words with a sensitivity to rhythm, mood and phrase that any professional actor would envy.
The story of this recording is a vivid testament to the performing, interpreting and writing skills of children today. This CD holds the poems written by 8-10 year olds. The music, a combination of traditional songs and rounds and exquisite classical compositions, is performed by a mixed children's choir of 10-15 year olds and the words are spoken by non-professional, untrained voices of 6-12 year olds.
Use Daydreams and Lullabies to inspire and challenge your children or simply as a gentle recording to bring peace and tranquility to your home.