ScienceWiz Physics Science Kit

  • ScienceWiz Physics Science Kit
  • ScienceWiz Physics Science Kit
  • ScienceWiz Physics Science Kit
  • ScienceWiz Physics Science Kit
ScienceWiz Physics is the perfect kit to develop a fundamental understanding of inertia, the laws of motion, centripetal force, mass, weight, velocity, and acceleration. Concepts are explored with time tested experiments and highly visual illustrations.
Physics science kit contains 24 projects with motion to get your child involved in hands-on learning!

It's an engaging science kit based on the properties of motion and gravity. The motion section covers many key concepts, including Newton's Laws of Motion and many others. These concepts and accompanying projects are presented in a truly winsome manner, geared specifically to children ages and up. Colourful illustrations seal the deal for a top-notch combination of learning and fun.

This kit is specifically designed to develop an understanding of concepts in physics:
  • inertia, 
  • the laws of motion, 
  • centripetal force, 
  • mass, 
  • weight, 
  • gravity, 
  • speed, 
  • velocity and 
  • acceleration 

ScienceWiz kits were designed for young children (8 years and up) to use in a highly independent setting; parental supervision is usually kept to a bare minimum. The book is filled with vibrantly coloured illustrations that provide for a pictorial guide that is easy for even the youngest of children to follow and understand. 

Quality time, quality play, quality learning! That's ScienceWiz!

Requires some household and food items (not included).

Winner of the Dr. Toy’s Best Toy Award and Best Vacation Award, as well as an award from Creative Child Magazine!

For ages older than 8 years and younger than 15 years.
This product may contain small parts which makes it unsuitable for children under three years.