Prepared Microscope Slides - Red

Analyse Fibres, algae, vitamins and more with these 6 prepared micro slides.
The set of Red Prepared Micro-Slides is a very cool assortment of 18 assorted specimens in 6 unbreakable slides, no glass to shatter, and usable with almost any microscope!

Kids will enjoy being exposed to a world usually not visible with the naked eye.

The set of prepared slide specimens include:
  • Micro-Film - Nuclear sign, ABC, 123 
  • Natural Fibres - cotton, silk, wool 
  • Animals - Fish scale, snake scale, bird feather 
  • Algae - laver, green seaweed, kelp 
  • Vitamin - B2, C, D 
  • Fungi - wood fungus, stem toadstool, Gills mushroom

You can also find a set of Green Slides right here at Ape 2 Zebra, for even more specimens to examine.

For ages older than 8 years and younger than 99 years.
This product may contain small parts which makes it unsuitable for children under three years.

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