HABA Lucky Sock Dip Children Game

  • HABA Lucky Sock Dip Children Game
  • HABA Lucky Sock Dip Children Game

The sock monster has been in the cupboard! Who can find in this chaos the matching pairs of socks ?

Lucky Sock Dip by Haba is a fun sock matching game that stimulates visual development and discrimination, the ability to react quickly, emotional and social development and more.

Preschool kids love this game and with a few adjustments to the rules this game can easily be played with children of different ages at the same time - Quickly and simultaneously the children rummage in the heap of socks.

HELP - all the socks look so alike!

Playing with younger children? Try the following variations of the game:
Let the children team up, this is especially helpful if there are younger children that wants to join in the fun. Team them up with an older child and let the fun begin.
Reduce the number of sock pairs the younger children need to match in order to win.

A fun game for the whole family. Lucky Sock Dip makes a great gift for children 4 years and up

The Lucky Sock Dip sock matching children game is designed and made in Germany by Haba.

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