Haba 1001 Placement Game

  • Haba 1001 Placement Game
  • Haba 1001 Placement Game

HABA 1001 Nights will provide kids with hours of enjoyment and stimulation as they experiment with creating magical and exotic scenes.  Tile by tile, through oriental patterns and shapes, the children immerse themselves into the world of Aladdin & friends.

A magnetic arranging game with 80 wooden pieces, magnetic foil and frame. 

Attach the magnetic foil to the wooden tiles before play. Kids can use the tiles on the magnetized frame (included), a magnetic memo board or on the fridge. The frame can be hung on the wall to showcase your child's creation.
Haba 1001 Magnetic Game is made in Germany and includes 80 wooden pieces. 
Frame Size: 32.5 cm x 26.5 cm (12.8 in. x 10.4 in.)
Take me on a magic carpet ride said the little girl to her mom... Another fantabulous find for kids 3 years and up!