Scaredy Squirrel Hand Puppet

Scaredy Squirrel is an adorable hand puppet, perfect for reading Scaredy Squirrel Books and he is soft and squishy making a great sleeping partner for boys and girls that would like a friend when going to bed!
The unknown can be a scary place for a squirrel.
So Scaredy Squirrel stays in his own nut tree where every day is the same. Everything is predictable. All is under control.

Until one day, something unexpected happens . . .

Join in the fun with our super soft Scaredy Squirrel as he carefully ventures down from his tree and discovers it can be pretty fun out there. Scaredy's books are written and illustrated by Melanie Watt, who also likes to hang out at home where she writes and draws . . . until it's time to try something new.

Scaredy Squirrel books are NOT included with puppet.

Scaredy Squirrel hand puppet is safe for all ages, and perfect for ages 3-10.  Looking for a great sleep toy - after Scaredy Squirrel read your little one a bedtime story, he can snuggle up and be a great sleep toy for the night!
Scaredy Squirrel hand puppet measures approximately 30.5 cm tall.