Little Scamp Mette - Impish but adorable!

  • Little Scamp Mette - Impish but adorable!
  • Little Scamp Mette - Impish but adorable!
Little scamp Mette is an impish but adorable dressing up doll from Haba. Mette is soft and cuddly, has a very cute face and orange chenille hair.
Mette is a Little Scamp Doll by Haba - Yesterday a little rug rat and today too clever by half.

What can the little scamp Mette be planning now?  Although constantly hatching new plans to play tricks, nobody can be vexed with them!  She has many ideas of her own - an of course she always wants to get her way!

Haba Little Scamp Doll Mette wears a pretty red and white polka dot dress and colour co-ordinated shoes. Haba make a large range of beautiful soft dolls that are popular with both girls and boys. Their colourful clothes, friendly faces and soft bodies makes them ideal for cuddling. Haba's dressing up sets and dolls accessories further encourage imaginative play.

  •     Little Scamp Mette soft doll (Haba SKU 3295)
  •     Mette is wearing a pretty polka dot pinafore dress
  •     Mette's little red shoes with velcro fastening
  •     Includes two hair ties
  •     Approx height: 30cm/12"
  •     Suitable for little scamps 18 months and up!
  •     Little Scamp Mette has a soft padded body, dress is made from cotton/polyester and hair of chenille
For ages older than 1.5 years and younger than 5 years.