12 Coloured Giants Coloring Pencils, Unlacquered Hexagonal Coloring Pencils


Lyra's Color Giants include 12 unlacquered, giant, hexagonal coloring pencils and are made in Germany .

Lyra Color Giant pencils are exceptional quality and is widely used in Waldorf Schools and by safety conscious parents !

This set of 12 coloured giant pencils measures approximately 6.25 mm in diameter and features an extra thick, break resistant lead. The pencils are packaged in a cardboard box.

The Lyra European made, hexagonal pencils are made from materials that meet food safety standards , that means that the strict toy safety standard EN 71 (CE) for toys is exceeded by Lyra when manufacturing their writing utensils.

Made in Germany the Lyra 12 Hexagonal Pencil set is the perfect gift for toddlers and children starting to write and explore/discover their creative and artistic skills on paper!

The quick stats:

Packaged in a cardboard box 12 pencils length: 175 mm diam. 10 mm lead diam. 6,25 mm lacquered 12 colours assorted: 007 yellow ¦ 013 orange ¦ 018 red ¦ 029 pink ¦ 032 flesh ¦ 038 violet ¦ 047 light blue ¦ 051 blue ¦ 067 green ¦ 090 sienna ¦ 250 gold ¦ 251 silver

Lyra Color Giants are a classic among the big coloured pencils and have already inspired many children. The highly pigmented, extra thick lead, gives the colours their famous gigantic intensity. The break-resistant and long-lasting lead provides durability. Lyra Color Giants are especially suitable for larger works. The colours are both smudge proof and waterproof.