Grimm's 15 Large Wooden Colored Waldorf blocks Building Blocks in a Net


Grimm's 15 Large wooden colored Waldorf Building Blocks comes in a handy net - ready for play.

Building blocks are one of the oldest and simplest toys around, it doesn't take long to realize the wonderful play value these toys provide. Only in the hands of a child engaged in imaginative creative play does a piece of wood get magically transformed into a bridge, airplane, ice cream cone or car. Building blocks are wonderful toys to help develop a child's imagination, their sense of space and to stimulate their senses.

These wonderful Waldorf blocks each have their own shape and form. Made in Germany by Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design, each block is sanded by hand to ensure a quality finish with no sharp edges or corners. These blocks are made from Alder wood and is finished with water based, non-toxic dyes. 

Age appropriate for babies 1 year and up, fun for all ages!

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