Vilac Barbapapa Yo-yos

Vilac's whimsical Barbapapa yo-yos are just as much fun to play with as it is to look at. Bright colors and silly faces make these highly, lacquered wooden Yo-yos by Vilac a sought after commodity!

Looking for a truly unique, fun and whimsical gift?  Get your Barbapapa Yo-yo today!

Highly lacquered, modern wooden toys made in France by Vilac.  Choose from orange, black, yellow or pink yo-yos!  Modern stylish and fun!

The Yo-yo has first been introduced in 1929 by the Duncan Toy Company, needless to say, yo-yos are just as popular today as back then. Vilac Yo yos are classic wooden toys for old fashioned fun.  Yo-yos will always be super cool toys and make great, unexpected birthday gifts.

For ages older than 5 years,
This product is unsuitable for children under three years.