Haba Lollipops

Haba Lollies are the sweetest candy that won't decay children's teeth!

HABA's pretend play Lollipops come in three decadent tastes; Yellow, Green, Red and Blue swirl!

Deliciously decadent, made in Germany from hard wood. Each of these wooden pretend play lollies are finished with multiple coats of safe, non-toxic colors that keep the colors vibrant for years and renders a safe, saliva-resistant, non-toxic surface that children can enjoy with all their senses!

HABA's mouth-watering Lollies measure 3.5 inches long and is 1.5 inches in diameter. 

These fun lollipops make a great addition to your child's store, house or shopping pretend play.

Fun wooden pretend play food and sweets for children 3 years and up.

Not suitable for children under three years of age.