Who Are You, Baby Kangaroo? - Baby and Toddler Board Book

Wolves have cubs and sheep have lambs, but what do you call a baby kangaroo?
Children are fascinated by animals, and particularly their babies – but what are they all called? This is just what a curious puppy wants to know, so he travels all over the world, asking a colorful array of other baby animals he meets, What is the name of the baby kangaroo? Helping youngsters to learn the names of baby animals the world over, Who Are You, Baby Kangaroo? introduces children to penguin chicks, wolf cubs, piglets, zebra foals and many others. And for children who are still curious and want to know more, there are notes at the back of the book on each of the animals in the story.
For ages older than 0 months,
and ages younger than 7 years.

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