Shakespeare for children - Story CD

Once again Jim Weiss brings us the glorious richness of classics on a level which children can grasp. A Midsummer Night's Dream is an exhilarating mixture of runaway lovers, magic spells, tricky elves and outrageous action. The Taming of the Shrew, too often oversimplified into a rough battle of the sexes, here becomes the wildly funny contest of two high-spirited characters who, to their own surprise, find the best in themselves when they learn to trust each other.
Both stories portray young love, complete with the wide array of emotions that love often carries and that Shakespeare was so famous for.
Weiss preserves many wonderful original lines and paraphrases others for clarity. His many marvelous voices bring the characters alive for us, and he takes the time to explain their motives throughout. The result is a rollicking introduction to the Bard that will have children and grownups headed for the nearest theatre.
For ages older than 9 years,

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