The Groovy Greeks Terry Deary - Horrible Histories Audio CD

The Groovy Greeks claim to have inspired the doctors of today. But if your teacher wants you to become a doctor, thank your lucky stars you weren't born in Ancient Greece, because they had to examine their patients' earwax, vomit, tears, and rotting flesh - by tasting them!
So, the people of this time were not that civilized, unless, like the Spartans, you call deliberately teaching children to lie, steal, fight and kill civilized. Even the Greek gods were pretty ghastly. Know what Zeus's dad ate? Well he ate his own... Sorry, there are limits, you know. Except on a Horrible Histories audio!
Terrible tales about horrible heroes, savage Spartan soldiers, foolish philosophers and suffering slaves Terry Deary and Martin Brown's brilliant books about the nastiest periods in history have now - with the help of some astounding actors - been transformed into a series of audio extravaganzas. Featuring new, extra material not found anywhere in the books, these sound spectaculars are just as thrilling and spilling, funny and fast as their printed counterparts. Horrible Histories are guaranteed to bring you history with the nasty bits left in!
For ages older than 7 years,