HABA Flip Flap Baby Soft Blocks

Babies love the Flip Flap soft baby exploration blocks by HABA!
Flip-Flap soft triangular blocks invites your baby to discover sounds and textures, stimulating your baby's sense of touch and hearing with rattling, rustling and squeaking. These blocks also feature optical effect foil and a magnetic fastener. A fun early learning toy by HABA to stimulate your baby's senses, encouraging baby to explore and discover.
HABA is a European manufacturer of soft and wooden educational learning toys . HABA is located in Germany and is very popular for their unique high-quality baby and toddler toys, children's toys, as well as baby nursery accessories, children's games and furniture. HABA view themselves as a 'single source supplier' for children. HABA's educational toys and quality products support baby and children development, while making children's life more exciting, more cheerful and more delightful.
HABA toys make great unique gifts and frequently become heirlooms.
For ages older than 4.08 months,
and ages younger than 2 years.