Grimm's Birthday Rattle Tiger's Eye: Gemini Rattles

  • Grimm's Birthday Rattle Tiger's Eye: Gemini Rattles
  • Grimm's Birthday Rattle Tiger's Eye: Gemini Rattles
If you have a Gemini Baby, then this all natural baby grasping toy with Tiger's Eye is the perfect Newborn Baby gift or First Birthday Gift for your little one.
Grimm's Tiger's Eye Baby Grasping Toy is natural,  safe for teething, perfect for playing.  Tiger's Eye is a semi-precious stone with natural healing abilities and brings peace and calmness to the wearer!

Grimm's birthday rattles have semi precious stones that relate to the star signs. The Tiger Eye stone is for the star sign Gemini (May 21 -Jun. 21).

Grimm's Birthday Rattles measures 9 cm in length.
The all natural, wooden baby rattle gives many different sensory experiences - wonderful for small children. The wood has grain, and it is sometimes lighter or darker. It is hard or soft, rough or smooth and smells nice. It sounds different, is heavy and feels good in our hands with its warmth and distinct surface.

Tiger Eye – Birthstone of Gemini
Tiger eye is a warm stone of gentle vibrations that overflow its rich sunny, golden and brown colors. It has a silky gloss, essentially combining the vibration of the Earth and the Sun.

Tiger eye is a stone that enhances the strength of conviction, convenience, safety, courage, self-esteem and confidence in ones own power. It provides support for new beginnings and re-establishes harmony in life. It assists in the acquisition and preservation of wealth and abundance. Tiger eye relieves stubbornness and defiance. It stimulates the flow of life energy, relieves pain and soothes..