Haba Trix - Wooden Baby Grasping Toy


See why HABA's Trix baby grasping toy received the sought after German Spiel Gut award and why Trix Baby Toy has been a Haba best selling toy for years!

HABA's Trix consist of 6 wooden triangular shapes, the colors of the rainbow. The wooden shapes are threaded on sturdy, baby safe, elastic band to form an intriguing baby toy. Babies (and big brother or mommy) will have fun discovering the different shapes Trix takes on as the wooden triangular discs are twisted and turned. First Trix looks like a ball, then triangle and see - now it is a flower!

HABA's Trix is an executive toy for babies! .

rix baby grasping toy is imported from Germany and the wooden elements are finished with baby safe colors and finishes to ensure that the surface is saliva resistant and safe for baby to literally explore with all their senses. Trix measures approximately 4.25 inches in diameter.

A great gift and fun, baby safe toy for infants 6 months and older.

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