Grimm Number 0 Birthday Ring Decoration Stacker (Steckfiguren, Stecker)

Number 0 Birthday Ring Decoration Stacker by Grimm's Spiel und Holz Wooden Toys is perfect for celebrating the next important birthday.

This plain Number 0 Birthday Ring Decoration Stacker is made from Hard wood (Alder, Lime, Maple or Cherry Wood) hand colored with safe, non-toxic, water based dyes. and measures approx. 3.5 inches tall.

Regardless if you are starting this traditional European tradition or if you are expanding your collection of wooden accessories, decorations and Waldorf decorations, we have a big selection and you can rest assured all surface finishes are baby safe, EN-71 certified and some of these beautiful decorations are even colored by hand.
The European tradition of having a wooden birthday ring that is personalized with wooden figures and candles is something really special. A tradition that children enjoy tremendously and one that will create special memories, cherished for as long as we live.
This age old European tradition is a symbolic way to celebrate the anniversary of your child's birth and show reverence for each year of their life thus far.