Bunnies and Best Wishes!

Easter is just over two weeks away, and we want to make sure that everyone we love is able to share in the spirit of our celebrations, even if they can't physically be with us on that day.  We want to document the growth and changes in our own families too.  The Ape 2 Zebra kids are growing so fast that sometimes it seems they have sprouted a size overnight, and it seems hard to believe that there was a time when they really were that small.  With these thoughts in our heads, we hit the craft room today determined to devise a craft that would allow us to spread Easter love, and preserve memories, and these handprint bunnies seemed like just the thing.  We made some into cards to send, but we kept a few for our scrapbooks too. Maybe next year we will do it again, and compare how all our hands and paws and grown.  This activity is a little bit messy, but if you wanted a cleaner craft alternative, you could simply trace your hand onto a sheet of paper, and cut it out to form the bunny's head. Most of us like to get our hands into the paint, but it is nice to have options for those that don't!


Hand Print Bunny Cards

Here's What You Need:

White and Pink Poster Paint
Coloured Cardstock or construction paper
Googlie Eyes
A Black Marker
Scissors and Glue

Here's What You Need To Do:

  1. Cover your child's palm, index finger, and ring finger with a generous coat of white paint.

2.  Press, or have your child press, her painted hand onto a sheet of coloured paper. You may find you need to press a bit firmly to get a good handprint. Repeat as many times as you would like, repainting hand in between impressions. Each handprint will form the basis for one bunny.

3.  Once white paint is dry, have your child dip his thumb into the pink paint, and press it into the center of each handprint.  Allow pink paint to dry.

4.  Once paint is dry, glue googlie eyes above the nose of each bunny.  Use a black marker to give your bunnies whiskers, and any other details you would like them to have.

5.  If desired, cut individual bunnies out, and glue them onto separate sheets of folded cardstock to make Easter cards.  Alternately, display your bunnies on the fridge, or in your scrapbooks.

Have a very happy (hoppy) weekend!

Yours Beary Truly,
Theodore Bear and the Ape 2 Zebra Animal Associates

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