Congratulations, your baby is 1 year old!

You can just see those neurons firing and spending time with your baby is more fun than ever!  There are some serious attempts to start walking if your baby is not walking already.  Your baby may even be able to execute simple commands although it will be a few more years before they will help to clean the house!

At Ape 2 Zebra, we categorize toys for babies 1 year and up under Toddler Toys, even though a baby really only becomes a toddler once they walk.

Month 12 and 13

Your baby may insist on self feeding with a spoon

May developed the bear crawl (crawling on hands and feet with legs extended) but this is not a developmental milestone and a lot of babies skip this method of moving around completely

Your baby may stand unaided for a few seconds (especially if she doesn't realize it) and then collapses with a bump. Your baby may launch himself across gaps if furniture is moved slightly further apart. Your baby may already be walking or starting to walk

Your baby may push a sturdy push-toy across the floor.

Your baby may say two or three words with meaning and may imitate noises like those of an animal or vehicles (fire truck or motorcycle).

Your baby can follow fast moving objects with her eyes

Your baby may stop mouthing everything and start exploring objects with her hands.

If your baby hasn't mastered it yet he should have the pincer grip nailed down at around 12 months. The development of the pincer grip—the ability to hold objects between the thumb and index finger—gives the infant a more sophisticated ability to grasp and manipulate objects and also to deliberately drop them and is one of the most significant fine motor accomplishments.  To encourage development of the pincer grip, look for age appropriate peg boards that can be multi-functional (practising pincer grip while learning shapes and colours)

By about the age of one, an infant can drop an object into a receptacle, compare objects held in both hands, stack objects, and nest them within each other.  Your baby may also start to hold crayon and mark paper with it.

Your baby will start to stack blocks and may be able to stack 2 blocks at age 1.  This is the perfect time to invest in a set of building blocks for your little one.  Some blocks also features sensory stimulation.  Blocks must be 1.25 inches square or bigger to be considered safe for babies.

Rolls ball on floor and may even attempt kicking. Your baby is waving goodbye. Your baby understands simple commands and may even execute them.