Month 8

After six months, infants are usually able to manipulate a cup and hold it by the handle. Many infants at this age also begin to reach for objects with one arm instead of both. Babies begin exploring and testing objects before grabbing, touching them with an entire hand and, eventually, poking them with an index finger. Everything still goes into the mouth

Your baby should start to roll over from his back to his tummy (much more difficult than rolling from tummy to back). The leg muscles are strong enough to take your baby´s weight without wobbling. Your baby can lift one hand off the floor in the push-up position

Your baby can sit safely without support for short periods at a time.

Your baby may start to combine syllables to make sounds such as ´dada´ or ´mama´.  Your baby still loves books.

Your baby will start to judge the size of objects up to about 3 feet away

Your baby loves you and shows it.  Older children is fascinating to your baby and he/she may try to touch them.

Your baby may understand the difference between Yes and No. You will notice that your baby starts to understand some of what you say.

Your baby is definitely showing determination. This is a good thing since without any determination there won't be any development.


Month 9

As your baby´s dexterity improves, he/she may be able to use a pincer movement to grasp small objects

Your baby will start to transfer a toy from hand to hand

Your baby will make the big discovery of banging objects together or on table

Your baby may start pointing with index finger at things

Your baby will start to clap his/her hands

Your baby will start to wave his/her hands

Your baby will invent some sort of way to move her body towards a favorite toy or something beyond her reach. Your baby may start to pull herself in a standing position by the end of the months - remember that your baby doesn't have the skills (balance or coordination) to sit down in a controlled way yet and may either start crying (because they can't sit down) or flop/fall down uncontrolled. Your baby may roll over to get into a sitting position (this may also be the preferred way of getting around before being able to crawl). Your baby may try to crawl when on her tummy.

Your baby's babbling may start to sound like speech since he is rising and lowering tone and using an actual speech rhythm pattern. Your baby may try shouting in order to get your attention. Your baby loves games especially if it involves you. Your baby understands ´bye-bye´ and may even start waving when someone is leaving. Your baby enjoys jokes and teasing and is showing his sense of humour. Don´t be too surprised if he starts making some jokes of his own!